About us

We aspire to inspire Younger Generation of Pharma Grad's in pursuit of success

Introduction About Our Institute

Who are we?

PharmaWiz is a career development platform for Pharma Grads based at Hyderabad. India.

We offer interview oriented crash course in Pharmacovigilance, Clinical Research, Regulatory affairs, clinical data management with placement assistance.

What we do?

We empower your students to make the most of their talents. We offer training across a wide range of Domain, technical and soft skills, tailored to meet your most urgent challenges.

This is where aspiration meets innovation, candor fuels collaboration and impossible surrenders to teamwork. We champion the bold to achieve the extraordinary.

Our Mission

We prepare students to understand, contribute, and succeed in extremely competitive inevitable.

We ensure that our students develop both the skills that a sound education provides and the competencies essential for success and leadership in Corporate Pharma

Active Students

About Founder

"I believe that bold steps define the future. That the ambition to lead requires the courage to adapt. And that doing the right thing is rarely easy, but always worth it. I want to be the catalyst in every Pharma graduates journey towards success."

Mohammad Abdul Azeem

A Pharmacovigilance Expert & Global PV Trainer with 9 plus years of working experience with MNC’s like TCS, Bioclinica, Aurobindo Pharma & Qinecsa Solutions.

An Alumni of most prestigious Pharma School in country (University College of Pharmaceutical Science’s, Kakatiya University.)

qualification :

# 2010 / 2014
University College of Pharmaceutical Science’s (Kakatiya University)
# 2014 / 2023
Drug Safety Professional at various MNC's (TCS, BioClinica, Aurobindo and Qinecsa)
# 2022 / Present
Founder & CEO, Pharmawiz